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friends suck



i hate when someone says they're your friend when really they don't want you as a friend. i don't feel like any of my "friends" really want me around. i feel invisible when i'm with them. maybe i should change my name back to invisible. the only true friends i have are you guys on this site i think.. at least ye are interested in listening to me. it sucks when someone you thought was a friend turns out to not be your friend. even my cousin doesn't seem to want me around and i would've considered her to be one of my best friends but obviously i was wrong. i camped with her at the festival and she had absolutely no interest in listening to me. it was as if i was in the way. i was trying to have fun but she mostly ignored me. i thought she was just having a bad day at first but then we bumped into some of her other friends and she had no problem talking to them. she wouldn't even walk beside me, she always walked ahead of me with her back to me. i ended up crying and feeling like killing myself, not that she noticed, so i figured if i left her to hang out with her friends at least i wouldn't spoil her weekend. i went off on my own and made some new friends, mostly pervy druggie old men, but at least they didn't mind me hanging out with them and they listened to me. then eventuallly i met up with my cousin again and she continued to ignore me. i dunno. what's wrong with me that noone wants to be around me?



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Hi Blossom

I know your feeling really hurt and sad atthe moment,

Please keep your name as it is. Its a lovely name that realy suits you. Please dont go back to being "invisiblee".

You have many friends here, who like and accept you for who you are.

We are always here for you whenever you need someone,

There is nothing wrong with you Blossom, your a wonderful caring person.

Please try not to take other peoples actions to heart....Yes i know its easier said than done..... Im often guilty of that too.

Take care hun


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I'm sorry they were so bad to you:(. Sometimes families and collections of people fall into patterns and roles and totally forget to treat people as unique individuals. They don't like accomodating to differences. They just want to be around those that are just like them and do not offer challenges to experience things in new ways.

I don't know if this is what it's like for you, but it sounds like it.

I hope you are OK today. A lot of us are different;)

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that's so cute!!!!!!! my neighbour's dog was oveer earlier on, the one that eats bananas,


so i played ball with him and he slobbered all over me. i forgot how much he smells:( i can't get the smell of dog off me now even though i've washed and washed and sprayed perfume everywhere...:) how are your cats?

i've never heard of deer tracks. we probably don't have it over here. i havn't had ice-cream in weeks and i havn't had coke in months:(

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[have you had vegetables in years? :P]

Yeah, dogs are pretty slobbery. Cat Breath is pretty darn awful, but they've never left the smell of it on me. It's kind of the opposite dynamic with cats. When I pet them they feel like they have to take a bath then to lick off my smell!!

My cats are doing great. However, they don't like that I've started going back to work. [Today is a holiday]

Was there anything cool about festival?

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[whoops no vegetables.....]!!!!

my last cat used to smell like a dog:) my parents hated when i brought him into the house but i kept bringing him in anyway.. do they stay inside or outside when you're in work?

hmmmmm, the bands were mostly good and the layout was deadly. there were lots of sculptures and arty things. i think you would've loved it! it's like a gathering for all the arty people in ireland!!! i was just too busy being depressed to enjoy it. there were lots of english and american people at iit too. it's the coolest festival ever.

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One of my cats stays in and the other sometimes stays out because she is quite tough.

The day is going to come when depression doesn't rule. You may not believe me, but it is possible for you :)

I'm glad it was all out arty! Sounds inspiring. I'm trying to learn more music. I totally forgot my accordion lesson today, so THAT wasn't progress, but I've been otherwise seeking out music for my right brainliness. Was MUSE there?

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i wish muse was there...! maybe they'll come next year. mgmt were there but they weren't that good and everyone was disappointed.

it always rules.

can you play any other instruments? i think i'm going to get lessons in college.

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I can plunk on the piano!!!! but *sigh* I cannot play.... I've tried guitar, recorder, flute, harmonica, melody harp.... Voice lessons are fun! That has worked out the best. Accordion is working out, I just have to keep at it, and I sort of am. :)

What kind of lessons are you thinking of going for?

[depression needs to be less of a bully :(]

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well.....at least you can play something!!! i can't play anything:( what kinda songs do you like to sing? i wish i could sing.

i think either guitar or drums. i'd liike to be a drummer:)

[maybe if i spray some pepper spray at depression it will go away...]

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