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i'm scared



i'm scared. i can't get rid of this feeling.

i don't want to feel anymore.

i want to die.

i don't know what to do.

why won't i just disappear? it won't work:mad:

i'm so scared. i don't want to be on my own but i have to.


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i'm not going to college today.

i'll stay home and be even more of a nobody than i already am.

who cares anyway.

i don't want to live anymore. i'm a bad person and a waste of space. i'm tired of trying to "get better".

it doesn't work. it's impossible.

i'm too screwed up so no way will i ever get better.

i'm just in everyone's way. taking up space. i should be killed. or else tortured. i should just shut up.

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Aw, sweety, we know you were just upset.

We love you, how could we be mad at you for something so natural?

Personally, I know that when I was called names, the last thing I wanted to do was socialize. First thing I had to unlearn, actually. ;-)

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blossom you have nothing to be sorry for.

im sorry that you are feeling this low, please dont do anything to harm yourself. we all love you and want you to be happy. Is there anything that we can do to help ?

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mee tooo...

hmmm i wouldn't call it fun but it kinda helped me to stop thinking so much.

i felt self conscious though because there were no other women in the gym. just me and a bunch of men..

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