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making me invisible again.



i'm out of energy i think. i had lots of energy earlier. i think it's because i've started taking vitamins. i feel really frustrated right now. i want to give up. i'm tired and i don't really want to try anymore. maybe i'm just being lazy. i dunno. i am not a good person. i know that. and i'm sorry for that. i don't mean to make anyone feel bad. i don't mean to be so annoying all the time. i know i spend way too much time here complaining in my blog and i'm sorry because i don't mean to be so attention seeking all the time. i just don't really have anywhere else to let it out. well i suppose i have therapy now but i still don't feel completely comfortable there so i find it hard to talk. everyone here is always so nice to me. i wish ye weren't nice to me. i don't deserve it.


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anyway, now my blog is on private so i don't think anyone can see it. not even my friends here. just me and my thoughts. i'm invisible again. it's hard for me to do this because i love talking to everyone here but i don't want to waste up any more of anyone's time. i'm sure ye can all think of better ways to spend yer time than listening to blossom complain about her horrible life in her blog. now ye don't have to listen anymore. i don't mean this in a bad way. i'm really glad that i met everyone here and i'm so grateful for all the time ye spent trying to make me feel better over the last year. i honestly probably would've given up long ago if it weren't for all ye. i'm so sorry for making ye worry and taking up all yer time. i didn't mean it. i hope now that my blog is private ye will at least be able to get some peace and time to focus on yer own lives for a change. i'm sorry.

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Dont put your art work down hun, im sure its fine, you know some of the best sketches ive ever done have been kinda hurried, your art work is cool :)

Im just being me today, a little sad and spaced out but Im breathing so im ok

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