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i got my fashion handed up on time and i picked print in the end. i'm so sleepy today... i kept falling asleep in college so i came home just now so that i can try catch up on my sleep.

it's sunny again today!

i CAN'T WAIIIIIIIIIIT for rag week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope it stays sunny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Im glad you managed to get your work finished in time hun.

I hope you manage to get some sleep now, you poor thing you must be so veryyyy tired, you were up most of the night.

Take care :(

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i'll be living here til the end of first year. i just have to make arrangements for second year, after the summer holidays.

it's too long and complicated to talk about :( and it's a little embarrassing too so i'm just not going to talk about it now :D

my own fault anyway.

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okay blossom, you don't have to talk about it , sorry it sucks :( but I don't mind listening to long if you want to talk about it.

soooooooooo, what should I draw and color tonight?? I have no ideas :confused:

and I really want to do it cause it helps me!!! :eek:

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thanks starry.

you could draw animals and nice people and ice-cream and rainbows and a leprechaun!

or else you could just do a really abstract picture. then decide what it looks like after.

i'm glad it helps you.

i'm gonna go sleep now.

see ya tomorrow starry!

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yeah but how do ya know what's the right thing to do?

i don't have time to make any more bad choices.

i dunno if i will go to a different college or not. that's ANOTHER decision i have to make :(|

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Well, that means you're going to have to learn to be perfect really quickly, then ... I still make bad choices, sometimes.

There isn't only one right thing, sweety. If there were, none of us would ever find it.

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i've really messed up my day. i went to college but i ended up not going to my lecture and i have a reason but i don't really want to talk about it.

so then i went up to the print studio coz i figured if i'm not gonna go to lecture i may as well do some print. but it turned out we weren't allowed in the print studio today. so i floated around college for a little while trying to find something to do. then there was a lady in the hallway giving out leaflets about going to america for the summer. she told me if i filled it out and sent it away by next week i'd get a visa for free and cheaper flights. then i got real excited but then i realised i have noone to go with and no money so i won't be going anyway! so then i just went home coz i couldn't find anything to do :D|

and i have a feeling the rest of the day will be crappy too coz my housemate that i get on good with is going away for the rest of the week so i will be stuck with the other twosome. it's so bad they're almost one person. ya can't talk to them when they're together ....

so i'll probably just stick to my room for the night. how exciting.

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