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Take care ya'll


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Bad experiences can exacerbate an already bad situation. Take some time to process your thoughts before you go through with anything. 

If you go ahead and end it all though, then I really hope it brings you the peace you seek. The only thing keeping me here is I believe death would be a lot worse than suffering here. 

Take care mate.

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On 12/4/2018 at 8:46 PM, therebetruth said:

Didn't follow through on my last dumb post but after an experience today I can't take anymore

I most likely won't be able to read and respond to replies from where I'm headed, so take care ya'll I hope you find the peace I never could

If you're suicidal about this small penis and it's about chicks you should look at DinkyOne or MiniWilly and sees what's on there bruh 😏

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