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I only closed my eyes ~ And its 3 months later :eek:


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Guest GingerSnap

Sue: Not a day went by that I did not think of you but I knew that whatever you were going through that you were strong enough to pull it off. Now, if I could convince you that you are that strong.B) It is just such a relief to see you back but do take it easy. Everyone was looking for you and just holding their breath waiting - probably some passed out, I almost did.:) Really, dear, our thoughts and prayers are always with you and to have such a fine group of individuals on your side - how could you lose. Now, you get some rest!:) Cathy

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It is so nice to see your name again amongst the posts :)

Everyday I have thought about you and hoping you were ok. I am so sorry you had to go through what you have been going through... It is bad enough we deal with our head issues but then add physical problems to it and it can be a tough road to recovery.:)

I know that first hand as well. I was just diagnosed with 2 "saddle" pulmonary embolisms. They kept telling me how lucky I was to be alive. Well thats the last thing I wanted to hear when depressed so I went into major shutdown and cycling out now.

So now willing to take coumadin but still very weak and it seems a side effect to the coumadin(are you surprised? Nah!! me neither :)) is severe dizziness. So I have been living on the couch and in bed since my hospital stay.

Feel better :)

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