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A physicist is sat in a restaurant eating dinner alone. He orders two of everything, asking the waiter to place the second meal on the opposite side of the table. "Is Sir expecting someone?" Asks the waiter. "Perhaps!" exclaims the physicist, explaining - "You see in quantum mechanics, matter can generate spontaneously. In the case a beautiful woman appears in the seat opposite, I'd like be a gentleman and dine her!" 

"Wouldn't Sir like to try the bar, perhaps one of the lovely ladies would like to make his acquaintance?" Suggests the waiter. "Don't be absurd!" Slams the physicist. "What are the chances of that?"

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On ‎5‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 0:22 AM, Small said:

*Fistbumps my main guys* ?





Eh fuck it the girls too ?



Fistbumps  all around? Sorry I missed that.

I've been busy this week working up in a church tower.It's about 190 foot tall. When I was working for my former employer one of the churches south of us (actually down close to Evansville) had us do the repair work in their 'bell' tower. There's no actual bell, but they have loudspeakers that broadcast a bell ringing on the hours. They also have a clock on one side at the 150 foot mark. This was built in the '40s. The clock gutworks are electric, but all the bearings and bushings need attention every 5 or 6 years.


I guess they contacted my old company who told them I no longer worked for them. The church then called me directly and asked me to come and work for them for one week while they were having the clock fixed. They offered me a decent amount of money, so I agreed to oversee the project. I was supervising a couple guys I'd worked closely with in years past, so everything went pretty well. A carriage bolt had lost its nut, dropped out of the woodwork above the clock mechanism and jammed a gear. This caused the motor to burn out and tripped the breaker. (A few years ago we pulled the old fuse box out and replaced it with a new breaker box.) I replaced the bolt with a stainless steel one and secured it with a nylock self locking nut.

We finished up by fabbing a simple metal box and covering the clockworks up so's no bolts or birds could get into them. The worst part of all this? Climbing that infernal ladder up and down and up and down every day. Didn't have to do any walking working out this week.

It has rained....and Rained....and RAINED. The wife and I are aching to get the garden tilled and get some plants in. We've only got one row of sweet pod peas out, one row of greens and one row of radishes. I'm ready to till and get some cucumber and tomato plants out, but it will be late Sunday or more likely Monday before the grounds dry enough.   

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Hey, thanks for the fistbump. :) 

We watched Home Improvement when it was on. The thing I recall about Wilson is that he was always by the fence and you could never actually see his face.

*quietly exits the cave*

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