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a bit of a falling out...



today was good until mom came home from work, then it took a turn for the worst.

earlier on the telephone, she told me that we would be going to an amusement park tomorrow, and i told her that i was going to stay home and do some of my reading, and she said it was fine.

however, when she arrived home, she told me to get ready for the trip tomorrow and i reminded her that she said that i didn't have to go and i could catch up on reading.

then she started arguing about it, and basically things spiraled into her going berzerk and yelling loudly about things that were irrelevant to the current issue. for instance she brought up the fact that she paid for my calculator, until i reminded her that i paid for half of it and she paid the other half.

so in short, it appears that i am going to be going to an amusement park tomorrow against my will tomorrow and getting farther behind. its not this so much that bothers me, its the fact that she can say one thing and do another, and nobody is there to stand in her way.

it is things like these that make my resentment towards her grow and grow.

EDIT: dad is different in that he has to be provoked first before he acts like this, and mom usually is the provoking person in every confrontation between them.


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Sounds like your mom has some of her own struggles and you are paying the price. Sometimes people can displace their anger onto others. That doesn't excuse it, though maybe it helps some to know this tirade was about her and not you. I'm sorry about the yelling. I don't like yelling either. :o

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i don't want to go because i was going to use the day while the house was entirely quiet and empty for like 6 hours to get a chunk of my last book read.

yeah, she's back into what can be called her normal state.

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its an old book, from 1939, so i presume its going to be boring by my standards, i only managed to get a few pages done today and so far it hasn't really gotten that deep into it.

i can't really take it with me, i need silence to read these books, i am going to have some tests on them, so i need to really concentrate on them and read them closely for meaning, and thats hard to do with a lot of distractions around me :o

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sounds like its gonna be a hard slog :o

when do you need it read by ?

wonder if the book was made into a film - sometimes when books are hard work to read - the films based on the book are a little less boring.:o

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i need it read by and i need to finish the journal for all 3 books by the 6th of september, which i think is the 1st school day.

the film might help a bit for plot, but im still gonna have to read it for other things :o

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oh sue, by running off of pure sugar i meant loading up on sugar and staying up very late to get things done.

i know i will have fun at the amusement park tomorrow, but once i get home the walls are gonna come crashing down and i will know i am falling behind :o

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ill admit that i am a sucker for little tiny animals so i usually buy a brand called "endangered species" chocolate, the (i believe it is) 85% cocoa kind, its yummy, and always dark chocolate :o

one bar is usually enough to fill me up for hours :)

how about you?

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