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Doctor visit on Friday



well i just found out today that i am having a doctor's visit on Friday for a physical before school starts, a little bit later than expected but still good i guess.

now that this is confirmed, i have no idea how to bring up the topic with my doctor about getting set up with a therapist.

i am only with her a few minutes (an hour tops) and really would hate for this moment to slip by, since i think it would be so much easier to do this now with my doc than with anyone else a bit later.

so um i am not really sure how i should bring up the topic at all :o


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Glad to hear that you're getting to see your doctor. Based on my experiences wanting really badly to say something important, but awkward to my own therapist, I either say it at the way beginning or close to the end. There's usually no middle ground.

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hey sue and mm, right now i am on page 132, am trying to get to 149 today (the end of the chapter).

i just don't know what to tell my doctor to make sure she understands what i am trying to say. i know i am not going to mention pedophila, but im just not sure what to say?

sue, nice new picture, is Digger coming back though :P

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I can see two options here. The first is to do what I did by just playing off the fact that you're extremely anxious and depressed (wait, I forget: are you depressed? :P) I don't know that I'd do this because you'll likely end up with a therapist who can't help you (much like my first therapist.) Now, if you simply said you were anxious, depressed, and had sexual identity issues, you'd probably be referred to a sexuality specialist.

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im going to have do give this somethought later on tonight, when i get done with my reading today.

mm, im not really sure if i am or not, but if i am then im just so used to it that i don't even notice

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You'll be ok Inf, just tell your doc what you feel comfortable sharing. Try not to put too much presure upon yourself, for friday, coz at the end of the day, you have other options available to you.

If you feel for what ever reason when you see your doc on friday that you arent able to bring up the subject of therapy - its ok. You can always see the counceler when school starts up again.

glad your progressing wiv yer book Inf :)

And yes, Digger will return, at a later date ~ she always comes back :P

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well, firstly, she's just not a very nice person. i think she does it for the money and not the people. i ask her things and it seems like i get a prerecorded answer (if she even decides to answer at all, which she mostly doesn't), like she isn't even giving it any thought whatsoever.

she really pays more attention to my medical folder than what i say to her and often ignores the questions i ask her, like she is the only one entitled to asking questions and its my job to solely answer them.

and ever since she gave me those (ill call them Wacky Pills) a while back, i haven't trusted many things else she has done for me.

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it would, but its out of the question. she's been the doc since i was a baby, and all of the other kids in my family still use here they wouldn't change the doctor just because i feel uncomfortable with her (maybe if we all were, but not just one of 4)

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Sorry Inf, I keep forgetting, that the medical system works so differently in America than it does here. Ive always been allowed to choose which doc I use. If I dont like one I just register with a different one.

Perhaps you could have a word with you parents and say that you would rather see a different doctor if its possible. I know that you dont think that would help - but you dont know unless you try.

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i am actually thinking now that it would be best if i saw her, because with her at least i know a bit of what to expect and everything won't really seem so new. but again, ill have a go at these thoughts when i am done with this chapter, only 10 pages left :P (trnslates to i don't know how many mins, but its more than a few

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well the ones this year were actually all pretty good :) (cept for the textbook i had to read :P )

first i read "founding brothers" for history and part of the textbook

then i read "the great gatsby", which was actually good and made me cry a few times

then i read "animal dreams" and loved that one too

and now its this one :)

it is actually pretty good as of right now. i like it, granted its not the best book ever, but i really like it :)

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