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Boo !, me again.



Guess its been a while since I last visited here, and thought a visit was long overdue :)

Ive been a bit out of things the last few months (or maybe longer, cant remember) but things are getting better - i think :)

Never seem to have much (if any) spare time on my hands these days, parts of me are missing the days of lounging about whinging coz i had nothing to do or worth doing - now its like im on catch up, and cant sit still long enough to enjoy the moments im having.

Not grumbling though, things are moving and so am I :)

Happy New year all (sorry its some what belated)

Take care


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Hey, Sue, I hope things are going okay. You definitely sound like you're doing a lot better than when I first met you :). Here's hoping things only improve from here.

Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love how you people in the UK spell whinging

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thanks for all the comments folks :)

Is it really march already? Where did february go to?????? Hey Hum....

Been keeping myself busy (and away from chocolate) - part of me thinks that maybe Im addicted to work, I have 3 jobs these days, or possibly I just really hate being at home by myself (the latter possibly more likely).. On a plus it keeps me out of trouble, and more importantly away from the clasps of them frigging quacks and there hotels!!! :)

Kinda miss coming here, not really sure why I dont stop by more often. Probably coz all that happens in my little world is work related and highly tedious and boring..... (shit happens)

Send my love to you all, and hope your days are being kind to you.

Take care.

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Do you enjoy the jobs, Sue? I mean, it's great that they keep you out of trouble, but tedious and boring sounds ... tedious and boring.

{We'd still love to hear; it's all a part of your life.}

You take care too, sweety.



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Yes and NOOOOOOOOOOO, is probably the most honest answer as to whether I enjoy work. I love working, its keeping me out of mischief (kinda) - but there are days when I just want to scream coz well things can get really slow - I need to keep myself busy. Its the only way that I can stop myself getting mysefl into hyper mood swings, slow times is when I cant avoid the temptation to liven things up by creating mischief (for some weird reason, not everyone apprieciates the silly stuff I do - strangely enough, especially one of my managers) :)

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It is very nice to see you here, Sue. :) We'd love to hear about what is happening with you if you want to share. (I write here in my blog about all the stuff happening in my life on a daily basis. :o)

Take care.

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Hi Sue!

Good hearing from you, Sue! What?! You're keeping away from chocolate! Oh, that's right...you don't like vegetables :D

Yes, please tell us about your boring jobs. Yikes.

You might want to add a wee bit of chocolate to your tedious day :-)

Be well.

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