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16 hours ago, Klingpeach said:

I don’t understand your question.

You said " The comments are just wonderful to read. " which I'm sure you sarcastically meant the comments were bad but I only see 11 comments and most were just pointing out the guy was an asshole for stabbing his fiance. As much as I agree that ridiculing a man for his small penis is reprehensible, killing someone over it is a bit extreme. So I see no problem with the comments. The one comment from a woman saying something about "the frail male ego" was the only one I had a problem with but women pull that shit all the time whether it's about penis size or any other time men have a genuine grievance. Many women believe they are the only ones that can play the victim card.

If there are other comments I didn't see then maybe you can point them out to me. You said something in your second post about the article being linked to Infowars but you provided no link to that and I'd rather not have to go to Infowars to find it. I can only be subjected to so much stupid as I have a low tolerance for it.

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4 hours ago, the_anonymous_one said:

i find many of the comments here very ...

By "here", you mean in this particular topic / thread? 

I understood it like you writing about the SPS forum, not this thread, but @Klingpeach seems to have understood it as attacking his posts here, which is sad.

Or you meant the comments he (Klingpeach) meant when he was complaining about the "discussion" below the article he posted?

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i have read things here in the forums which disturb me deeply. there is palpable violence in the air. there are attacks on women as a species all because of a perceived belief that they prefer something over something else without giving any evidence for such claims. one or two youtube videos does not constitute proof that such and such is the case. people come back over and over again saying that they should give some woman a chance for intimacy but they are shot down violently and the poster usually does not return. i just wanted to emphasize that the focus should be on healing rather than further aggravating our grievances even if the grievances are genuine.

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Well seeing as he doesn't want to explain to me what is was he saw that he found so offensive can someone else point it out to me? I just feel like I am missing something here. Like there is something huge right in front of me that I'm supposed to see but for whatever reason I can't see it.



the comments....

We only have his word on this.

Why block his face out ?

I haven't heard a single one of these stories that has ended well.

Nice sunglasses

Hell hath no fury than the fragile male ego

Now everyone knows

Why hiding his identity?

not sure his immigration status is really relevant here

Hope this becomes a on-going world headline saga and they keep showing his full face. Justice.


Which of these comments set him off? other than the male ego BS and the "now everyone knows" none of them even mention or refer to his small penis and I'm not sure the "now everyone knows" comment really matters in this case as he's going to be spending the rest of his life in prison.


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I have felt like a piece of shit all day because of the way I spoke. We all have EQUAL value. There's a reason the human race fought against slavery and there is a reason why we must fight against any other prejudice as well. I am NOT a bad person. The question keeps occurring over and over again with no resolution. Does size matter? The answer is it matters but what matters more is money. What matters in the end is love, compassion, and good humour. So don't be in such a shitty state as you are. Grab yourselves before it's too late. There's too much at stake here. Lives DO matter.

Trust me, earn a new skill get a good job make a lot of money and women will be begging to take you to bed. Don't be in such a shitty state as you. I cannot see it happening before my very eyes. I cannot stand by and watch.

I have struggled with the same complex as you guys for a number of years though I do not pretend to know what it is like for you folks in particular. I want to say that you can have a better life. All common sense says so. You are not choosing to have a better life. We are all tied to one another. What hurts one person hurts all people. I will not hurt you and I will not hurt myself. Isn't that the very point of this forum. To avoid self harm. Let's not forget that. Come on guys, have a beer and pour your heart out. We're here for each other.

I do not have a good size. I do not question why I do not have it. I just accept it. I get my kicks from other stuff be it music, computers what not. Why should it be different for you folks. You are if anything above my IQ level. Use your brain for crying out loud. Stop thinking that it all ends with the dick.

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I'm sorry you feel bad about this all, @Klingpeach :( . It's OK that you posted what you posted. It's not your fault that it wasn't "understandable" to some. 

If you want, I'll delete this thread. But before doing so, I'll leave some time to others to read your latest post here. I hope it's OK.

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