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“Did you ever wonder..”


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Exactly! Such a good point! Unfortunately... :( 

Not to mention some of them then abuse kids...

It reminds me of a joke (a cartoon, so this is just a description) where a priest says "we need the kids!" (in the sense that the peadophiles among them need poor children in bad life conditions to easily prey on them and abuse them)...

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On 10/9/2020 at 8:12 AM, Klingsor said:

Why do the people who become raving hysterics over abortion - the worshippers of “life” - always turn out to be the people who mercilessly make fun of the unfortunate, the stupid, and the weak and frequently make some sort of off-handed argument that the world would be much better if certain groups and individuals were killed/eradicated? Like many things I ask, this is partly rhetorical. And rhetorical means I already know the answer. I post this to express the hypocrisy and also highlight the dissimulation (hint: pro-life so long as you are genetically superior!)

No.  I don't see this at all.  Seems to me you are simply pushing stereotypes of conservatives you think are for social Darwinism.  People who are for social Darwinism push abortion and even suggest it be mandatory.

Serious Catholics, for instance, don't match any of what you are saying.

BTW:  I don't think abortion is admirable and think it should be avoided, but don't think it should be regulated by law.

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On 10/12/2020 at 6:13 PM, Klingsor said:

It goes further than what I’ve mentioned in the first post, and there is a reason that religion is increasingly becoming identified with “pro-life” and anti-LGBT to the exclusion of anything else. This woman was in the news a while back when the hydroxychloroquine controversy was going strong:


She was mocked on the internet for being the “demon semen” doctor because of her extreme theories. The public mostly laughed and thought she was just a loon. 

However, consider the widely dispersed “no  fap” and “coomer” memes on the internet. An analysis of meme culture and generation z is much more profitable than political analysis. What I am driving at here is something that could get me labeled as a crazy as well, so I have to be circumspect. But there is more significance to these things than one who only sees it from a comical perspective would expect. 

I would also remind people of the following fact because they seem to be programmed to think in terms of this binary exclusively: both the Nazi government and Soviet Union awarded mothers who had several healthy children. The opposition is toward transgenderism and effeminacy especially; again, it is the polarization - maximization of gender polarity - that is being pursued because there is something very real related to the consequent “release” of tension when it occurs.

No.  She simply comes from a country where hydroxychloroquine doen't even need a prescription because of malaria.  She knows how safe is is and how useful vs. not only malaaria but all manner of infections.  Real cheap so Big Pharma is against it.  Her religious peculiarities are besides the point.

Nazis and Soviets needed more people.  Mankind has archetypes and instincts for "heroes" and "warrors".  Effeminacy in males was not helpful for that very necessary role and thus discouraged.  War ubiquitous in human society:  from tribe to nation.

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14 hours ago, uptight outasight said:

No.  I don't see this at all.

I don’t see a lot of things. But plenty of people assure me they’re there. I don’t see you. Are you there? Or here? Do you see that? Or is it only this that you don’t see? I thought I saw it two days ago, but realized I have never seen those. Seeing is believing. Wish to see, believe you saw, and you will have seen, also sprach der blinde. 

14 hours ago, uptight outasight said:

Nazis and Soviets needed more people. 


14 hours ago, uptight outasight said:

Mankind has archetypes and instincts for "heroes" and "warrors".

No. I don’t see this at all.

14 hours ago, uptight outasight said:

War ubiquitous in human society:  from tribe to nation.

You Chicom Socialist Nazi. 

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Nazis and Soviets wanted to be ready for war with a lot of bodies.

Real reason in the hierarchy for Catholic Church anti-abortion policy might be the same, but that's not the "teaching" serious Catholics believe.  They believe in preserving life and caring for those alive too.  Strong supporters of charity and the welfare state.

Social Darwinist conservatives often vote for the same candidates because the Church believes in private property generally accepting only the "welfare" side of socialism, not ownership of the means of production.

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@Klingsor I have not experienced the pro life people to be that way. We are in different parts of the country, as I have said I’m in a largely Catholic area so maybe where you are you got some more radical folks. 
I imagine most of the rioters are pro-choice. They clearly by their own words have a genocidal agenda. So at the very least that knife cuts both ways.

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  • Klingsor changed the title to 🥵🥵

Here’s another little “explain this to me” Andy Rooney segment:

Go into any major grocery chain to find one, maybe 2 human checkers and bagboys in operation. This is to encourage you to use the self-checkout stations because a group of golfball-swatting executives determined they could get rid of the cashiers and make you do all the work for free. Meanwhile, only 1/2 to 2/3 of the self-checkouts actually work, and in addition they are designed for people who have at most 5 items to scan. So the monthly to 6 week grocery shopper like me, with a buggy overladen with victuals, has to either stand and wait 20 minutes in line or awkwardly use a self-checkout station that is not designed for scanning a buggy full of items. 

Here’s a thought: instead of having all those obsolete human checkout lines with their conveyor belts and plenty of space to put your shit just languishing and collecting dust, why not convert them to self-checkout lanes for high capacity shoppers? Of course that would make way too much sense and would cost money so that’s a no-no. After all, the bean-counting exec who makes that decision sends his Filipino or Hispanic servants to shop for his food or has it flown in directly from Fiji or Peru every week. So you have to see it from their point of view. #alonetogether 

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  • Klingsor changed the title to “Did you ever wonder..”

I suppose the alternative is a medieval meat market...fishmongers and vendors screaming at each other, hustling the rubes, slinging entrails and shit everywhere. Flies everywhere...dogs, cats, rodents everywhere. Rude nasty people trying to out-hustle the hustlers. God almighty what a nightmare, I think I’d rather starve to death.

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1 hour ago, geronimo said:

What is a Klingpeach, I wonder? A star trek fruit? A sticky peach? 🤩

@geronimo there are two general classifications of the peach fruit: "freestone" and "cling" or "clingstone". Here is a brief overview: 



It is less common to see people eating cling peaches out of hand, because the stubbornly clinging flesh can make them difficult to eat, and as a result, not all markets carry them.

This was a play on words because I felt that the stubbornness and generally unrelenting nature of the cling variety fits me well, but in addition there is a sexual connotation associated with the word "peach", specifically the 🍑 emoji in reference to the buttocks. So you could consider it a roundabout way of calling myself a pain in the ass. The opportunities for innuendo and wordplay are almost endless. 😁 

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