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Guest ASchwartz

I want to join John and everyone else in wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season.

Sorry, but the dad in me wants to urge everyone to refrain from drinking or, at the very least, have ONE drink and no more.

Also, do not drink and drive.


Allan N. Schwartz:)

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I hope everyone finds peace , and joy this holiday season . Without trying to sound dorky , no matter what it is for you , take care of yourself , and try to be happy .

Looking towards a brighter , new year , personally . A chance to make new goals , and to try and see the lighter things in life. remember the things you are blessed with , grateful to have , and hold tightly onto these things.

i personally find that it is the smallest things in life that fill me with wonder , and keep me yearning for more.

also , if depression is something that weighs heavy on your heart , then try to imangine a time, place , moment when things were happier. try to hold onto the memories you have of special times, try to help someone who needs are greater then yours . if it is just to visit them , or talk , it can lift your spirits.

i thought my life was messed up , yet i do have a son, a place to live, and food . their are things to hold onto , and to cherish. remember these things in your life .


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Hey everyone!

My house was broken into and my computer was stolen.... so I've been away for a while! Things are almost back to normal now. I'm OK, it could have been worse for sure. I just want to say Merry, Merry Christmas to everyone, and Happy New Year. There is so much I am grateful for, and top of my list are the friends I have and the many exchanges shared here that have left me a better person. I know things are very tough for many. I hope this season doesn't just make it worse, I hope it brings a little peace, even if it's teensy, to borrow Blossom's word. :rolleyes:



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Good morning Finding,

What a terrible way to start the holidays! Was anything else taken? I remember many years ago when our house was broken into, I suddenly felt very violated and vulnerable. I'd always considered my home a safe harbor and now I felt personally violated and put upon. It took me a long time to get over this.

You are here and you are safe... and you are grateful and thankful, this is the essence of life.

Feliz Navida y prospero año nuevo

Edited by David O
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Hello everyone!

Apart from Santa Claus, my parents came to town so I couldn't get on net. My dad always has an opinion for something -net is one of them. So now that they are on a visit, I have time to open my pc and wish you A Happy New Year!

Hope you have joy and peace this year. I myself am going to work on it and guide my life to get rid of the bad things and gain all the rest. I got 2 dictionaries. The first is to write down words of courage etc that I have read in self-help books and I am interested in. I also write down positive thoughts that I will say to myself (like I deserve every good in my life, and I am able to have it). They are going to change 3 times a week. The second dictionary I am going to start writing on in the first of January. It is going to be a 'self-confidence' dictionary, so every single day I will have to write down something good that I managed to do or happened to me (or I already have/can do as a person -eg my talends/good skills. That means I have to find at least 365 good skills of mine!!) and made me feel good, happy etc. It could be so little (like: I managed to make the dishes in 2 minutes so I have time to do something funny), or so big like (I discouraged somebody in this way who tried to make me feel stupid)...(I talked back to my boss who was unfair) etc. Or it could be an unswer to the question "what made it worth it to have lived this new day today? What new did I do, what did I acomplished?" I do believe that doing this, this day next year I will be a more mature and happy person. I believe that I will have the confidence I luck, I believe that it will be me and only me to guide my life. I regard it as a serious job with myself, but I know I will have a happy journey writing in my dictionaries. What about the result?...I will see it in a year!

I hope for all of you too, that this year will be the one to fix anything that bothers you, in any way you prefere.

See you soon!

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Thanks, David. Yeah, all my earrings and a few more easy to grab items were lifted. Unfortunately this is not the first time (more like the 5th over my lifespan.....) I just have always lived in crappy neighborhoods, so I'm not shocked so much as annoyed. I am looking into what I can afford for security measures.

Cheers to us all, and Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas to all and if you don't celebrate please understand no offense intended. More of a Festivus guy myself or winter solstice or whatever.

I know it has been rough for a lot of us, myself included. No sooner where things going a bit better when I get hit w the classic one-two punch of flu and then head cold. Story of my life - always some breakdown. But I am getting over it and am committed to pressing on in 2016 w reasoned efforts and acceptance of what comes my way, negative people included. Negative people own their head trip; it ain't got nothing to do w me.

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