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  1. I think that the experiences we have can offer both darkness and light. If we are able to stand with and care for ourselves through all of it, I think that can help. I hear you that this can be difficult. Thoughts can become distorted too during times of depression. How is your self talk, scruffycat? Have you thought about getting a new companion? Pets can heal the heart and spirit. Sending love and care to you.
  2. …“Hold on. Hold on to appreciate the beauty of the earth, to feel the songs of the birds in your heart, to learn and to teach, to laugh a genuine laugh, to dance…to rest peacefully, to experience contentment, to want to be no other place but in the here and now, to trust in yourself, and to trust your life. …the light, the light at the end of the dark tunnel for so long it cannot be seen, although eventually you’ll begin to feel it’s warmth as you move forward. And forward you must move in order to get through the hell of remembering, of despair, of rage, of grief. Keep looking forward please. Rest if you must, doubt your ability to survive the journey if you have to, but never let go of the guide ropes, although when you close your fingers around them, your hands feel empty, they are there… …Hold on because it's worth the terrible waiting. Hold on because you are worthy. Hold on because the wisdom that will follow you out of this darkness will be a tremendous gift. Hold on because you have so much love and joy waiting to be experienced. Hold on because life is precious, even though it can bring terrible losses. Hold on because there is so much that you can't now imagine waiting ahead on your journey - a destiny that only you can fulfill. Hold on although you’re exhausted and your grasp is shaky, and you want more than anything to let go sometimes, hold on even though. Please hold on…” Tammie Byram Fowles, LISW, Ph.D Excerpt from: It Happened To Me When You Feel You Can't Go On By Tammie Byram Fowles, LISW, Ph.D
  3. Welcome, Bri. It sounds as if you are coping with a whole lot, but you also seem to have a positive outlook, which is wonderful. When you feel yourself spinning with an obsessive worry, try not to allow the thoughts to adhere, if at all possible. Have you tried deep breathing and/or relaxation techniques? Yoga is a great place to start. I hope too that you find CBT helpful. My daughter was recently diagnosed with OCD. I understand that making these changes and learning new skills can be extremely challenging. I wish you healing. We are here to support you along the way. Take care.
  4. Good to see you. How are things?
  5. Isn't healthcare that concerns you your choice and your decision to make, though? Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but that seems (to me) unusual for a psychiatrist to say. Do you have any family who supports you that you are able to share with? I hope you have a serene weekend.
  6. Thank you both for the kind words. This means a lot to me. You're welcome. I'm glad I can be here to support you. I wish everyone well.
  7. I hope you do decide to go and get tested, Pax, and that things are okay. If there is a problem, then you can be treated. Is there a way for you to make peace with and care for the Klingsor part of yourself?
  8. Welcome, fhrc92. I'm sorry you're going through so much. You mention that you are currently seeing a psychiatrist and a CPN, but are you also seeing a therapist? I'm not sure why your doctors would not be discussing this with you, but therapy could be helpful to learn coping skills. Medication can be a place to start, but I would think it might be more effective when combined with talk therapy. Is that a possibility for you? No worries about your post or for rambling (I didn't think you were). I ramble regularly myself...I find it helps me to process what is happening, what I am feeling, to find my voice, and it often relieves some pressure and stress. So I hope you will feel free to express yourself here, in whatever way is most comfortable for you. I hope you feel better. Take care.
  9. I'm going to have to say no to sharing any graphic photos here on the site, in any capacity. Allowing them in blogs or pms would be a slippery slope...You are welcome to discuss your feelings and experiences, minus the photos. Wishing you well. Good to see you here and posting, @Pax.
  10. You know yourself best and how things work for you. It makes good sense to me. I hope you have a good and relaxing weekend!
  11. Passionfruit, how are things for you otherwise in your life? Friendships? Do you have any hobbies or interests? Recently, I have been enjoying art and nature photography. I find it helps me to create and learn something new. I hope your day is serene. Take care.
  12. I hear that you don't feel you deserve kindness and care. If a person doesn't feel okay with his or herself, it can be very difficult to accept care from others. I hope you can find the strength to reach out, Labdbr. Your feelings matter. You matter. I understand that school is very important and it's challenging to find time for yourself, but this does sound as though this could be a need for you right now. Self care is very important, I think, and I try to make it a priority in my life...not always easy to do for sure, but essential. I hope you are able to take some time to breathe and heal. Take care, Labdbr.
  13. It sounds like it would be a good idea to go have your finger checked. Why do you think you self harm, Passionfruit? You don't have to answer if that's too personal. I hope you will take care and stay safe.
  14. Welcome to the community, Labdbr. I'm sorry you've been struggling. I think if you've reached a point where you feel you need to reach out and ask for help, that it makes sense to listen to your needs. If your teacher is supportive and you feel comfortable sharing with her maybe that could be a place to start? I hear you about the pressure you are under for school. What do you think might ease some of your distress? Taking some time to relax? Fun activities? No worries about your English. You expressed yourself well. The important thing, I think, is that you reached out. We are here to support you. I hope you feel better.
  15. I'm sorry you've been struggling, A. It's difficult enough going through a challenging time with the support of loved ones. It must be that much more difficult when the people in your life do not understand and/or they appear to minimize your experience. I hope you are able to make a choice about medications that you feel would be best for you. I also hope you feel better this week.