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  1. Do you feel more comfortable moving around the site now, Peter? I know it took me a while to feel comfortable with it as well, especially after the most recent software update. If you have any specific questions, we'd be happy to help. Best wishes.
  2. Bizzarecontact, while we encourage free expression here, it isn't okay to post inflammatory content, the details of sexual encounters are unnecessary here, and we certainly don't condone hacking other sites. I think there are ways to empower oneself in a positive way. I hope forming friendships proves to be healing, lookingforafriend.
  3. While it's okay to discuss feelings of anger here as they pertain to you, bizarrecontact, it isn't okay to post anything inciteful or inflammatory. That isn't helpful and doesn't serve a positive purpose here. We support each other here so I think refocusing is a good suggestion. Lookingforafriend, I hope your endeavour is successful and that all of you can help support one another.
  4. Welcome to our community. It's great that you want to accept yourself. That's important for all of us, I think. I hear you that this can be a challenge. I hope that if you do decide to share your feelings with your family that they are supportive. I'm glad you reached out today. I hope you find some positive support here. Take care, Bjarne.
  5. TimmyStan, I want to offer my support and best wishes to you for a quick recovery from surgery, continued healing, and a future with good health. I hope you are taking time to rest and recover. I would hope that doctors would be respectful when caring for their patients, especially during times of vulnerability. We all deserve that, I think. Heal well, Timmy.
  6. All

    There is potential if we are open to the possibility of it. Openness can be very important, I think. What we want and need and what fulfills us can change too or be different, depending on the moment. Sometimes we have to live through different experiences, I think, and this can open the eyes, the mind, the heart, the spirit within... (For some reason this posted when I was in the middle of a sentence. My fingers and a cellphone...)
  7. Thoughts, yes, and your inner voice. How are you caring for yourself? Are you being harsh or compassionate with yourself?
  8. Hi Peter. Welcome. I'm sorry the forum feels challenging. Is there anything we can help you with? The first several posts that new members make need approval by a moderator before they become visible, but after that posts should be immediately available. Let us know if we can help in any way. Take care, Peter. I hope you're able to post here and receive support.
  9. I have a difficult time coping with feelings of anger as well, ba. If one considers the neuroscience of this, any action that moves activity away from the amygdala could be helpful. Maybe try taking some deep breaths or counting backwards slowly to ten? This could possibly feel calming and allow for more connection with rational thought. I think too that each person is unique as to what might be helpful. I have a pink room that I sit in that helps me to connect with my inner calmness. I hope you find what works best for you. How is your self talk through these feelings, ba? I hope you will keep the door open to the possibilities.
  10. Welcome to the community. I'm glad that feeling a sense of community here on the site has been comforting in some way to you through your struggles. Knowing that makes me smile. I'm sorry that you have been feeling insecure with yourself. I'm not sure what to say that might be helpful. We're here to listen. I hope to hear more from you in the future. Congratulations on your marriage and new baby. I hope you are able to enjoy some peaceful, loving moments with your new family. Take care.
  11. Welcome to the community. This all sounds very stressful. It's good that you reached out. I'm sorry that your mother is not offering you the support and help you need right now. Do you think she might be open to taking you to see a therapist? Is there another trusted adult in your life who you could share with? I think that self care is always important. Are you able to care for yourself through these difficult times? Deep breathing through anxious feelings, utilizing relaxation techniques, exercising, participating in enjoyable activities, writing about feelings...anything that seems to be helpful...Aside from the intrusive type of thoughts, how is your self talk? Are you able to be kind and compassionate with yourself? I hope you won't doubt yourself or minimize your experience We don't diagnose here, but we can listen and support you. I'm sorry you're struggling. Take gentle care.
  12. hi

    Welcome to the community. Grammar and typing abilities don't matter here, so I hope you will freely post. We want you to express yourself and receive support. Diagnoses, to me, are only helpful for insurance purposes or to gain a better understanding of oneself. You are a human being just as all of us are. The TED talk that LaLa posted touches on the beauty of our vulnerability. It's something that we all share. I have found this realization enlightening, inspiring, and comforting. You have a lot to cope with and understandably it may feel too much at times. Do you think this could be part of why your emotions feel flat at times? I hope the waves of feelings you do experience also include moments of joy. If there is something that brings you moments of self connection and inner peace, I hope you will continue to connect with this. If it helps to express yourself and share, we are here to listen. Best to you.
  13. You opened up and shared with us here, 3decade. That is not easy to do and we want you to feel supported here in our community. I have trouble being assertive at times too. I'm sorry you were bullied. That's a terrible thing to have to experience and cope with. Regarding your relationship, what do you want and need? Is this marriage something you want and, if so, how would things need to change? Are you able to discuss with your wife? If the marriage isn't what you want, then I think it's important to consider your wants and needs. Best wishes and take care.
  14. Welcome to the community!
  15. Welcome to our community, Lauren. I'm Beth. I'm sorry you're coping with so much. I can relate to the struggle with anxiety and I have a daughter who has OCD. I hear that you feel harsh with yourself right now. Is there also a part of you who feels compassion for yourself? I hope so. You're going through a lot and doing the best you can to manage and cope. Is your husband supportive? Take care, Lauren. I hope expressing yourself here is helpful.