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  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm comforted by the color pink. I have a pink room (that even has a pink ceiling) that I enjoy sitting in. I wear pink clothing a lot too. :-) I think it helps me to find my calm center and it matches well with my inner essence, so it's self-connecting.
  2. It's true that we can't change or control how others view or feel about us. I could personally accept that others felt a certain way about me, but in accepting that, it wouldn't then necessarily mean I agreed with their position and would then live by it. Is there ever a part of you that wants to say, #&$# what some people in society think, society doesn't make me me? For me personally, no human could ever be sub-human because of a body part. Just offering a different perspective. It's possible I can't ever completely understand, as much as I want to. I want all of you to feel peace and do what works best for you.
  3. Hello, Grief. I appreciate that your thread was brought to my attention. Welcome to the community. I'm sorry you're struggling so much and feeling down. You were subjected to some demeaning experiences when you were younger. I'm sorry you went through that. Do you still have difficulty breathing? That can happen during anxiety, but it can also happen due to medical issues, such as asthma. I'm wondering if you were ever checked medically for this or is the problem gone now? I'm glad you were able to express yourself to someone by writing to the school doctor manager and that they responded supportively. Sometimes it helps to feel heard. I hope it helped you. I would call myself a HSP as well so we have something in common. It isn't always easy to feel things deeply, but there can be some positives as well. Do you enjoy any hobbies? If I am feeling very sad, I find it helps to connect with something that feels nourishing. It's soothing and it helps me to balance out difficult feelings, or at least to get a breather from them. So often I will listen to music, sit in my pink room, or go outside in nature. Do any activities bring you feelings of peace and comfort or relieve stress? That might look very different for you than it does for me as well. How are things going in your life otherwise? Family? Friendships? Work? Are you able to share with family or friends there with you? Have you considered going to therapy? Take care and I hope you will continue to share here, to your level of comfort. I hope you feel better.
  4. My favorite singer is Josh Groban. I'm a huge fan and have been to 3 of his concerts. I prefer easy listening soft pop/rock, but I enjoy a lot of different music. The Eagles, Alan Parsons Project, Little River Band, Styx, Simon and Garfunkel, John Mayer, Maroon 5, to name a few.
  5. Cheldon, I'm sorry you have been living in this kind of environment. We all need healthy spaces to express ourselves. It's okay to feel what you feel. I think you did an excellent job here expressing your feelings. I hear your frustration, pain, and anger. It sounds as though you have good awareness of your needs. It's good that you want to take care with you. Is there a way to get some space from your family?
  6. It could give people something that they feel is worth fighting for or possibly they could be less focused on personal struggles (or distracted from them) when there is a war going on. Possibly too it could bring the reality of death closer and that might make them realize they want to live... This is all speculation on my part, but it is an interesting statistic, LaLa. @Victimorthecrime, as an aside, our dogs are just like that...even years after being rescued from a puppy mill. Perfect description.
  7. Hi Cheldon and welcome. I'm glad you reached out. I hope you will find the support here in our community to be helpful. We are here to listen. I hope your day is serene. Take care.
  8. anxiety

    Welcome, Flower Bobo. I'm so sorry for the loss of your father. Do you have someone there, maybe a counselor at school or a trusted adult, who you can share with and confide in? It sounds as though your mom might be going through a lot right now. I hope that she also has someone to support her through such a difficult time. I don't do very well with yelling either. One thing that does help me is to try to care for myself. I put up a boundary and remind myself that this behavior is not about me. Does breathing help? Maybe too if you can get some space from her during these episodes of yelling? Is your mother approachable to talk with, Flower? Can you think of something that might motivate you to help more around the house? Are there activities you can do together with your mom? Time together could be healing for both of you. I'm sorry you're going through all of this, Flower Bobo. Take gentle care.
  9. I hope you enjoyed the race, ba!
  10. Any chance for vacation time soon? Is there anything you do enjoy about your work? Are you able to do anything relaxing at home to help cope with the stress? I do my best to keep a distance from work drama. I will listen and support, but not engage in gossip or negativity. My line is- I just push buttons. I hope things improve for you, Small, and you get a breather from the stress. Take care.
  11. Have you ever been to therapy, Ba? It can be one place to practice and learn to interact in a safe space. You can also learn about any potential patterns and responses you might experience and why. Just a thought. Take care.
  12. I have the opposite issue; I communicate and express myself more effectively through the written word than I do verbally, though I still feel uncomfortable writing on my phone. :/ Me write good, me speak not so good. I think it helps if one enjoys the work one is doing and gains something out of it, aside from money. For me, I like to see that I make a positive contribution, both at work and at home with my family. I generally feel at peace with my life as it is, my main concern now is my children's well-being and their future. Take care, everyone.
  13. We've had the same heat here over the past 2 days. The weather has been so erratic recently. It's supposed to be in the 90's F (32-33 C) today, but just a few days ago it was in the 40's F (4-5 C). Tomorrow it's supposed to cool down again..
  14. Do you like to cook, ba? I'm glad you had a nice visit with your cousin. My daughters love animes. I try to keep up but there are so many that I need to use mnemonics to remember the character names. Animes/games are some of the few things that brings them joy so I'm grateful they have this. I listen to sad songs and cry sometimes too. It can be cathartic. I hope your day is kind to you. Take care, ba.
  15. Welcome to the community, John Doe. Do you have support there, someone to talk to and confide in? Are you receiving any kind of treatment for the depression and anxiety? I hope you will be gentle with yourself. Take care.